The Traffic Warden is an antagonist in the animated series. She is a traffic warden in charge of locating and reporting illegally parked cars. Since Mr. Bean likes to park his car illegally, she often gets in his way. She is very committed at her duty, even ticketing a police officer once.

She only appears once in the live action series in Trouble with Mr. Bean. Unbeknownst to her, he pushed the blue Reliant car out of the way and took its parking spot.


The Traffic Warden often appears in some episodes in the Mr. Bean and in the Mr. Bean: Animated Series. Traffic Warden may be possibly blocking Mr Bean from parking and Mr Bean think some ideas how to stop the warden.


Her personality is tricky. Whenever she saw Mr. Bean tries to park for free and escapes from her. She will confront Mr. Bean and asks Mr. Bean to pay.

Episodes appear in

Season 2

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