The Neighbours are antagonists in the animated series. They are a family residing next door to Mr. Bean. They are portrayed as a stereotypical white working-class family - trashy, overweight, stupid, lazy, boring and ill-mannered. There are a total of six of them, including their dog. All are hostile towards Bean.


  • The Father - He is shown as an extremely ill-mannered, stupid, hot-headed person.
  • The Mother - She is very lazy and irresponsible, as she leaves her baby child unattended.
  • The Son - He is a spoiled brat and always up to no good. He is mostly seen together with his father.
  • The Daughter - A rowdy child who is constantly blowing her trumpet in her room.
  • The Baby - He is constantly crying and throwing tantrums due to his irresponsible parents.
  • The Dog - An extremely aggressive black dog which will attack Bean on sight.