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The Exam Student is a minor character in Mr. Bean. He appeared in the first episode. He is played by Paul Bown.

Role in Mr. Bean

The Exam Student appears in a classroom where Mr Bean is taking a trigonometry exam. Before the exam begins, Bean and the Student have a short conversation about which subject would be would be examined; Calculus or trigonometry. After the Student tells Bean he mainly studied calculus, Bean tries to scare the man by telling him the exam would be about trigonometry.

The moment the exam starts, Bean only finds the calculus papers in his envelope, failing to realize the envelope also contains the trigonometry exam. As a result, Mr Bean tries to peek at the exam of the Student. After becoming aware of Mr. Bean's attempts to peek at his work, the Student grows annoyed and tries to hide his work. This is followed by Mr. Bean committing several antics in hopes of having a peek at the Students exam, but to no avail. In the end, Mr. Bean gives up and spends the rest of the exam weeping.