Spring Clean is the fourth episode in season 1 of the animated series.


It's spring cleaning time and Mr. Bean's room is a mess so he cleans everything. After this, Mr. Bean takes a bath, After he gets out of the bath tub, He slips on the soap and slams into the vacuum causing it to explode and his room becomes a mess again. He retries to bath except there's no hot water so he tries stealing some from a girl neighbor and then the green shampoo falls on Bean making him green. So he tries but he slips into the mud and becomes dirty again. He tries to , but then he puts too much soap wash into the machine causing it to explode and fills the house with water bubbles but then Mrs. Wicket opens the door and the water explodes and then Scrapper splashed in as well and Mrs. Wicket hits Mr. Bean with the umbrella and then Mrs. Wicket hits Scrapper and then Scrapper raced out and then Mr. Bean gets hit again.





  • When this episode aired on Boomerang Asia, both of the scenes where Mr. Bean used an electric mixer to make bubbles in his bathtub were edited out.


  • Mr. Bean had to take 4 baths in this episode, one for each reason:
  1. 1st bath: Because he needed to, when he noticed that he was smelly after cleaning up his room.
  2. 2nd bath: Because he crashed into the vacuum cleaner and got covered in dust and dirt.
  3. 3rd bath: Because he turned green in his bathtub and had to wash the green off.
  4. 4th bath: Because he fell in the manure, getting himself and his towel dirty.
  • The 4th bath was the only bath that succeeded due to Bean not getting dirty again after this bath.
  • In the first few parts of this episode, Mr. Bean is fully clothed. For the rest of the episode, starting with the scene involving the washing machine, he is naked.
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