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No Parking is the fifth episode of season 3 in the animated series.


While in the tub, Mr. Bean scrubs with Teddy, and then has fun trying to sink a toy boat. He then gets in his car and leaves. While stopped at a traffic light, he sees a movie theatre, along with some uninteresting movie posters. However, he then spots one displaying the Titanic, and gets excited. Seeing as the light is still red, he tells Teddy to stay while he goes to check out the poster.

However, as he leaves, the light turns green, resulting in an angry driver behind him. By the time Bean gets back to his car though, the light turns red again, and Bean can't figure out why the driver is angry. Bean gets distracted by looking in his mirror, and then looking out his window. The driver behind him hits his horn again, and by the time Bean drives forward, the light turns red, leaving the driver stuck again.

While going somewhere, Bean sees a parking place between two cars, but a group of cars drove up behind him, and he can't back up. He urges the driver behind him to back up, and she waves the drivers behind he to do the same. However, all of the cars are around a square patch of land, and the cars are backed the whole way up to in front of Bean. Unable to get in, he opts for pushing the driver behind him out of the way, resulting in an unfortunate blue car getting pushed into the bay. As he is about as he is about to pull in, a rude driver cuts in front of him and steals the spot.

Leaving, Bean spots another parking spot down the road, but the agitated driver Bean help up earlier gets there first, snickering at Bean. He then notices a gap between where the driver pulled in and the car behind it, and instead of parallel parking, backs into the spot like at a shopping store parking lot. Just as he has a moment of joy at getting a spot, an officer appears. Bean tries to act like he owns the car behind his, but the officer uses his key on the padlock on his car, and Bean has to leave. As the officer leaves, he hurriedly backs in again, but the officer spots him, and starts writing a ticket.

Before she is finished, another car leaves, and Bean takes that spot. The officer then points out he has to pay the parking meter, and Bean has no change. He runs across the street to a hardware store, but finds the cashier to be the driver he held up earlier. The cashier spots the officer across the street, and decides to pay Bean in change that wouldn't work with the meter. After unsuccessfully trying to get the machine to accept the money, Bean leaves.

Needing a spot soon, he finds another one without a meter, but a newspaper delivery person takes it. After the newspaper person goes into a building across the street, he comes out with newspapers and leaves. Bean spots a hole in the road, and snatches the construction cones around it, putting them around the parking spot. The same blue car from earlier, not noticing the hole, backs up and crashes down into it. Bean however can't park there with the cones in the way, so he moves them, only for another driver to move in and take the spot. The person escorts two elderly people into a building, and then leaves. Bean gets a different idea: to block the road off with the cones. After assuring no one could get by, he takes the spot, overcome with happiness.

He runs into the theatre and gives the attendant his ridiculous amount of change (which is now stuffed in his pants), grabs his ticket, and runs in the room. However, he only sees less than a minute of the movie, as it is already over.    

Words/Phrases used by Mr. Bean

Although Mr. Bean shows very limited speech ability, he does use these words/phrases in this episode:


"Stay there! Stay there!"

"What's your problem? It's red. Look."

"Go back."

"What the?"

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