Mr. A . M. Peggit is a dental surgeon and works at a dental office. He appears in The Trouble with Mr. Bean.


While at his office, he has Mr. Bean as a patient come in. However, Mr. Bean causes all sorts of trouble, starting off with playing with the dentist tools while Mr. Peggit's back is turned.

After Mr. Peggit gives Bean a shot of Novocaine and turns around to do something else, Bean grabs the syringe, which still has some Novocaine in it.

When Mr. Peggit starts working on Bean's teeth, Bean jumps, and the syringe goes into Peggit's right leg, numbing it. Unable to keep balanced, he grabs a machine and topples over with it, leaving Bean to work on his own teeth.

After a while, and Bean has already worked on his teeth, Peggit gets up and allows Bean to leave.

Behind the Scenes

He is played by Aimee Turnbull and Richard Wilson.