Mr. Bean's Wedding is a short sketch made for the British charity Comic Relief that aired on March 16th, 2007.


The sketch starts with a wedding ceremony taking place in a church. The bride Kate and her father walks together towards the altar where the groom Daniel is waiting. Mr. Bean , having arrived late, rudely pushes through the father, causing him to fall down.

As he is taking a seat, he unknowingly sits on Bean, who has taken his seat next to his wife. He is then forced to sit next to Bean instead, with Bean sitting between him and his wife.

As the priest begins to officiate the wedding, Bean notices that all the attendees are wearing flowers on them. He then snatches one nearby and attaches it to his jacket, but not before causing a ruckus and interrupting the wedding.

Later on, he again interrupts the wedding by sneezing loudly. He snatches a handkerchief from the bride's father's wife and uses it to wipe his nose before giving it back to her, much to her disgust. When attendees behind him begin making noise, he turns around and hypocritically tells them to keep quiet.

The wedding is yet again interrupted, this time by an alarm clock noise. After he realizes that his wedding gift (which is an alarm clock) has gone off, he first tries to cover it up, but is then forced to unwrap the gift and turn it off in front of everyone. He apologizes and the wedding resumes.

Once the priest stops speaking, a boy begins to sing. This makes Bean drowsy, who eventually falls asleep on the bride's father, before violently waking up, startling everyone nearby. As the wedding couple begins to exchange vows, the groom notices Bean, who is making body postures based on what the priest is saying.

After the vows have made, the priest pronounces the couple married. As the priest begins to perform prayers, the attendees pull out a cushion beneath the chair to pray. When Bean realizes he has none, he quickly snatches one from the bride's father, causing his head to violently fall onto the floor.

With the wedding ceremony over, the attendees clap hands as the newly wed couple walks out of the church. The bride's father, who is tired of Bean's antics, angrily confronts him, causing Bean to step away. While doing so, he accidentally steps on the bride's dress, stripping her off of it.

An attendee, who is enraged by this, attempts to restrain Bean while Daniel furiously tries to throw a punch at him. He dodges it, and the attendee is punched instead. Daniel tries to punch Bean again, but he dodges again, hitting the priest. Daniel then manages to grapple Bean. As he attempts to land another punch on him, Bean dodges, violently hitting Kate in the face instead, much to the shock of the crowd.

Daniel, who is shocked with what he has done, proceeds to comfort the injured Kate. This gives Bean an opportunity to escape. As he heads towards the exit, he stops midway and remembers about his alarm clock wedding gift. He pulls it out and puts it in front of the newly wed couple before giving them a thumbs up and leaving.

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Mr Bean's Wedding Comic Relief

Mr Bean's Wedding Comic Relief

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