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Mrs. Wicket is a main character and the main antagonist of the animated series, especially in the first three seasons. She is Mr. Bean's landlady. She is portrayed as a hot-headed, bossy, greedy, selfish, grumpy, unhappy, overweight old woman. Since Season 4, she has warmed up a little, but is still quite bitter when annoyed enough.

She strongly despises Mr. Bean because he ruined her wedding when he was a kid, but nevertheless allows him to stay at the upstairs apartment she owns. She is very short-tempered, and will yell and hit Bean (usually with her cane) if agitated. If angered enough, she will even evict him from the apartment, as seen in Homeless, Dead Cat and The Fly, the first of which is the main plot point of that episode. However, Bean is always allowed to move back to his apartment by the next episode.

She owns an evil one-eyed cat, Scrapper, whom Bean gave away when he was young. She cares for Scrapper very much and gets very angry if she sees Bean (or anyone else) attacking him.


She first debuted in Bean's Bounty (although she appeared in the intro since In The Wild), Her most recent appearance was in Trophy Bean. Mrs. Wicket appears in almost all episodes.


Mrs. Wicket is antagonistic, grumpy, hot-headed, nice and unhappy towards Bean but she loves her pet Scrapper and dislikes dogs. In Seasons 1 to 3, she is bossy towards Bean and sometimes makes Bean as a slave (as seen in "A Royal Makeover") and a messenger (as seen in "Super Trolley"). Mrs. Wicket has a right of evicting Bean from the apartment. Since Season 4, Mrs. Wicket has a friendlier approach with Mr. Bean but still meaner to him whenever he does not do her given errands assign to him. Unlike the first three seasons which she has a low, grumpier tone, her voice is now in high-pitched tone.



  • Although she is the main antagonist, she can sometimes be nice to Bean, most notably starting in Season 4, where she even throws him a birthday party.
  • Out of the seven deadly sins, she represents greed, because she wants to have all the power and wealth she wants.
  • When walking, she is almost always seen with her cane.
  • Her voice is notably less gruff and masculine in later seasons, often more composed in tone, likely fitting with her kinder personality.
  • It is unknown if she collects rent payment from Bean, as she is never seen doing so in the series.
    • It is possible that he is staying for free, but only if he does what she says (such as mowing the lawn or renovating the house). It's also possible that she collects rent from Bean offscreen.
    • Mrs Wicket's first mention was in the 1993 book Mr. Bean's Diary, 9 years before her actual apperance in The Animated Series in Bean's Bounty.


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