Irma Gobb is a main character in Mr. Bean and Mr. Bean: The Animated Series and is portrayed as Mr. Bean's self proclaimed girlfriend and has shown to be able to tolerate Mr. Bean's antics to some extent, more so than most of the characters in the series, due to her being in love with him but although she shows a more mature such in certain circumstances, such as when she is raising money for a donkey charity or supervising children as a scout leader, Irma has quite a short temper and also can be seen acting just as childish as Mr. Bean sometimes.

Series Debut

Mr. Bean

Irma is shown to be Mr. Bean's girlfriend and makes her debut in Mr. Bean in the episode The Curse of Mr. Bean, where she is seen waiting for Mr. Bean in the cinema and upon his arrival, is given a miniature bag of popcorn, paling to comparison to to his own and while already being anxious to watch the horror movie, Irma is constantly tormented by Mr. Bean's attempt at scaring her, which prove effective right up until the end of the movie, where ironically she managed to scare them both due to having her coat sleeve hanging and as Mr. Bean grabbed it, was frightened by the fact her hand was not there and his scream in turn scared Irma.

Mr. Bean: The Animated Series

In Mr Bean: The Animated Series, Irma retains being Mr. Bean's girlfriend and made her debut in the episode Birthday Bear where she is seen coming upstairs to celebrate Teddy's birthday, to what Mr. Bean had forgotten about and leaves behind a card before storming off to only later return on the evening with her own stuffed bear named Lottie, where they all celebrate Teddy's birthday via eating a whole cake, playing multiple games and then watching a fireworks display through the window and seemingly forgives Mr. Bean for his forgetfulness by giving him a kiss on the cheek.


Irma is a middle-aged lady with dirty blonde hair that is tied into a bun at the back and dons her trademark glasses, along with a pair of earrings almost at all times, while for clothes she covers her legs in tights, wears a complete cyan coloured dress with matching shoes and can sometimes be seen wearing a long overcoat with a red cotton hat.


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